wktools Forum HowTo

wktools discussion forum is only a subforum of www.cisco-forum.net. The website itself is in german. It is now possible to set different languages per user. You can also specify the language directly in the URL:
Then register and set your default language at PROFILE -> ACCOUNT RELATED SETTINGS -> PREFERRED LANGUAGE.

Below you can see how to register and post with the german default settings.

1) Register

Press the "Registrieren" Button, then fill in the form and press the "Registrierung senden" button.

After this you get an email. In this email you will find a link. Please press the link to complete registration.

2) New Thread / Answer to a posting

Forum view:

Click on "Neues Thema" to open a new thread.

Thread view:

To write an anser to a posting, please press the "Antworten" button. All other buttons are described below.

Forum Menu:

Thread Menu:

Posting Menu: